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Case Histories

Q-PAC®: Packed Towers/Wet Scrubbers/Air Strippers

Case Histories:

Odor Control System for Composting of Chicken Processing Waste

Using Reclaimed Water in Scrubbers With Fouling-Resistant Q-PAC

Seawater FGD System Uses Q-PAC® to Clean 8,000,000 Nm3/h of Aluminum Smelter Off-Gas
Q-PAC® a critical factor in scrubber design

Compact Two-Stage Scrubber saves $500,000
Using Q-PAC® allows for innovative scrubber design

Odor Control at Municipal WWTP
NH3 & H2S odors controlled at 99%+ at high gas velocities

34%+ Increase in Scrubber Capacity
Tri-Packs plugged, Q-PAC® brings rendering plant into permit compliance

$80,000 per Year in Power Savings
Pulp mill replaces saddles with Q-PAC® and realizes large power savings

$8,300 per Year in Power Savings
2K Tellerettes plugged, Q-PAC® resists plugging and lowers power costs

35% Capital cost savings at wastewater treatment facility
MEK removal from Wastewater by air stripping with Q-PAC®

Technical Support Papers:

Seawater FGD Scrubbing
Q-PAC media preferred in large Seawater-FGD contract

Odor Control Scrubber Design
Tower Design, single and two stage Chemical Consumption considerations

SO2 Scrubber Design Notes
Proper design and operation explained

Q-PAC®: BOD Control Systems

Case Histories:

BOD Reduction. Odors Eliminated
Q-PAC® acts as ideal media to support biological growth in lagoon

$40,000 per Year in Power Savings
Winery cuts aeration power by 65 hp using Q-PAC® media in waste water treatment system


Case Histories:

PCE Air Stripping Superior HTU
Independent test result – 3.5″ LANPAC® superior to all competitive packings

Plugging Resistance in Iron Removal from Potable Water
Iron content of 1.96 ppm in water but media did not foul

Improved Efficiency, Increased Methanol Recovery
Pall Rings flooded – 3.5″ LANPAC® allowed 2-fold increase of feed rate

$400,000 per Year in Reduced White Liquor Costs
3.5″ LANPAC® 45%+ efficiency increase vs. saddles

Technical Support Papers:

CO2 Degasification Design (item under construction)
Safer drinking water at lower cost


Case Histories:

Aerobic Bioreactor Media – Compact BOD Treatment
Japanese Ministry of the Environment grants 1996 Innovative Technology Award

NUPAC in chlorine stripping: 50% Capacity Increase
Chemical plant avoids costly rebuild project

Acid Fume Scrubbing: Effective Mass Transfer and Mist Elimination Packing
Only NUPAC® gave the efficiencies that would solve the space requirement

Mist Elimination by #2 NUPAC
35% Capital cost savings at wastewater treatment facility


Case Histories:

Pollution Engineering MLM Casebook Article
Trade journal article based on above case history

Retrofit with MLM in Biosolids RTO to Yield $78,000/year Savings
Privatized biosolids drying facility upgrades its VOC control RTO

18 Hour Overtime Emergency Maintenance Events Eliminated
Municipal RTO saddle fouling problems disappear after MLM® retrofit

MLM Increases Capacity 50% as Well as Thermal Efficiency
Label printing plant RTO replaces saddles with MLM® for increased capacity

Pollution Engineering Article
Improving RTO performance with MLM®

Autothermal RTO Retrofit with MLM Yields $100,000+ Savings per Year
MLM® succeeds where random heat recovery media failed

Technical Support Papers:

MLM vs. Conventional RTO Heat Recovery Media
Comparison of MLM® to conventional RTO Heat Recovery Media


Case Histories:

HD Q-PAC Significantly Improves Aquarium Life Support System
pH, dissolved oxygen and turbidity improved significantly


Case Histories:

Bioremediation of Fuel Oil Contaminated Groundwater in Fixed-Film Reactor
Aerobic bacterial count increased 10,000 fold & hydrocarbons dramatically reduced

Odor Complaints Eliminated at a Municipal Lift/Pump Station
Saco, Maine has no H2S odors with minimal costs

HD Q-PAC put to the Test Against Lava Rock at Cedar Rapids WWTP
3x greater H2S destruction and 90% lower pressure drop than 3/4″ lava rocks

Trickling Biofilters for Hydrogen Sulfide Odor Control
Simple Biological Process Cuts Chemical Use


Case Histories:

Zero Oil Discharge from HD Q-PAC Filled OWS
Unit handling >4000 ppm oil from 1900 gpm stormwater

Superfund Site Eliminates Severe Plugging with HD Q-PAC
Corrugated type media plugged every 3rd day, shutting down air stripper

Significant Improvements Using HD Q-PAC at Car Wash OWS
$15,000+ savings per year realized as a result of retrofit

Technical Support Papers:

HD Q-PAC Oil Water Coalescing Media
How HD Q-PAC® works in oil water separation

HD Q-PAC EN 858-1 Test Method
Summary of European Union Oil/Water Separation Test Requirements and results

HD Q-PAC Defies Stokes Law
Superior performance due to low Reynolds Number


Case Histories:

Lantec Random and Structured Media Help Fight Global Warming
Hundreds of thousands of dollars in fossil fuel costs are eliminated.