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Case Study #8 Lanpac Plastic

LANPAC® resistance to plugging demonstrated in a
field test to remove iron from potable water

The Problem

Under the direction of Burns & McDonnell, a nationally known engineering/consulting firm, the city of Willmar, MN conducted a pilot study to determine whether an engineered packed tower could successfully remove 1.96 ppm concentrations of iron from potable water.

Why LANPAC® Was Chosen

According to Willmar’s Superintendent of Water Supply, Bart Murphy, results from their three-month feasibility study proved that iron could be removed effectively and economically utilizing a vertical tower packed with 2.3″ LANPAC®.

Meeting the Requirements

In the burns & McDonnell system, a filtration unit downstream collected the iron oxide that precipitated out of the well water.

LANPAC® successfully reduced iron concentrations to 0.04 ppm without plugging during the entire 90-day test.

Based on initial encouraging results, according to Willmar’s Bart Murphy, four ten-foot diameter packed columns using LANPAC® will be installed to treat a total water flow of 5,000 gpm.


LANPAC® features plugging-resistant engineering.  Its patented geometry distributes liquid more evenly and completely than other packings. 

Column Diameter 18 inches
Water Flow 20 gpm
Water Temp. 48° F
Air Flow 100 cfm
Packing Height 10 feet
Iron Content (Inlet) 1.96 ppm
Iron Content (Outlet) 0.04 ppm