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Case Study #11 Lanpac Plastic

Lanpac 3.5″ reduces plugging and increases gas flow by
more than 40% in pulp mill scrubber operations

A major pulp mill in Louisiana, operated by one of the world’s largest paper companies, is reporting significant improvements in efficiency and substantial cost reductions in its scrubber operation after switching from 2″ Intalox Saddles to 3.5″ Lanpac.The mill, using Cl2/Cl02 technology to manufacture bleached pulp, was experiencing serious operating problems with its scrubbers.  The gas flows of Cl2/Cl02 had increased to the scrubbers, thus impairing their performance.  And all scrubbers in the system were near flooding.

At the time, the scrubbers were operating at only 45% efficiency.  A tiger team was formed to solve the problem.  The team decided that the existing scrubbers were in good condition, but that the installed packing – 2″ Intalox Saddles – was not meeting the mill’s removal efficiency requirement and should be replaced immediately.

Several companies, including Lantec, were contacted to propose solutions.  They were told that the gas system would be monitored carefully, and removal efficiency of the packing would have to be guaranteed by the successful bidder.  Lantec products was the only company to offer a guarantee for scrubber performance, and was subsequently selected for the project.


2.3″ Lanpac and 3.5″ Lanpac

Through years of continuous operation, the system utilizing 3.5″ Lanpac has averaged 98% removal efficiency, compared to 45% removal efficiency during the use of Intalox saddles.  In addition, plugging problems have been reduced significantly, gas flow has increased more than 40%, and savings in white-liquor costs are more than $400,000 per year.

The paper company’s phenomenal success with Lantec resulted in a coversion of all of their tower packings to 3.5″ Lanpac.