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Patented Q-PAC tower packing: The art of engineering!

Performance Data

Q-PAC® Case Histories

Metric: Q-PAC® Pressure Drop Curves Biosolids Odor Control at 600+ fpm
Metric: Q-PAC® Pressure Drop Comparisons Odor Control Scrubbing System
Odor Control
Pulp and Paper
Cheese processing wastewater
Biological Application
Air Stripping
Environmental Protection


– Q-PAC® Properties –

British Units Metric Units
Dimensions 3.25″ x 3.75″ 8.25cm x 9.5cm
Void Fraction 96.3% 96.3%
Geometric Surface Area 30 ft2/ft3 98.4 m2/m3
Weight – polypropylene 2.1 lb/ft3 33.7 kg/m3
Weight – PVDF 4.1 lb/ft3 65.8 kg/m3
Number of Pieces 33/ft3 1165/m3
Packing Factor 7/ft 23/m
Number of Dripping Points 11,000/ft3 388,000/m3

Note: Q-PAC® is available in a number of thermoplastics.  Please call to inquire: