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Patented LANPAC

Amaze Your Clients!

Your clients will think you’re magic when you specify LANPAC® tower packing for their scrubber, stripper, cooling tower, or absorption projects.  That’s because LANPAC® achieves the impossible: significantly lower pressure drop and higher mass transfer efficiencies than other smaller packings. 

Proven Performance

LANPAC® has a track record of superior performance in the field. It comes in two sizes –2.3 inches and 3.5 inches — and a variety of plastic materials including polypropylene, polyethylene, PVDF, ISOPLAST and Teflon.

The Trick is in the Science

LANPAC’s performance is the culmination of an exhaustive, two-year design initiative by some of the industry’s most gifted engineers. Using real-world trials, LANPAC® was tested and refined, re-tested and re-refined, again and again, until it outperformed every product on the market.


LANPAC’s patented design resists fouling. Its superior wetting capability promotes self-cleaning by eliminating dry spots. Scales are less likely to form and debris is less likely to deposit on the surface. LANPAC’s unique patented geometry makes it measurably more efficient in both mass transfer capabilities and energy consumption rates. As a result, specifying LANPAC® reduces capital and operating costs for a packed column by as much as 60 percent.


You can specify LANPAC® in two configurations and a variety of materials to accommodate towers as small as two feet in diameter or as large as your project demands. 

Presto! Lower Prices

With its high performance, one might expect LANPAC® to cost more than competitive products. LANPAC® costs less.

Lantec’s Legendary Service

We stand behind our products with superior service. Our engineers will provide you with all the technical assistance you require. You will appreciate our prompt, professional response to your questions.

Reduce tower heights by 30%!





Performance Data/Literature

Case Studies

LANPAC® Pressure Drop Comparison Scrubbing Cl2/ClO2 at Paper Mill
LANPAC® Brochure in PDF Format Plugging Resistance in Removal of Iron from Potable Water
PCE removal from groundwater Methanol/Water Distillation Solution


– LANPAC® Properties –

  2.3″ LANPAC® 3.5″ LANPAC®
Nominal Size 2.3″ 3.5″
Void Fraction 89% 92.5%
Geometric Surface Area 68 ft2/ft3 44 ft2/ft3
Weight – polypropylene 5.6 lb/ft3 4.2 lb/ft3
Number of Pieces 200 /ft3 50 /ft3
Packing Factor 21/ft 14/ft


– LANPAC® Properties: Metric –

2.3″ LANPAC® 3.5″ LANPAC®
Nominal Size 58 mm 89 mm
Void Fraction 89% 92.5%
Geometric Surface Area 223 m2/m3 144 m2/m3
Weight – polypropylene 90 kg/m3 67 kg/m3
Number of Pieces 7,060 /m3 1,770 /m3
Packing Factor 69/m 46/m