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HD Q-PAC® patented media for Oil Water Separators and Biotrickling Filters

You really won’t believe what HD Q-PAC® will do for your biotrickling filter. Eliminate the need for chemicals in odor-control scrubbers, or improve oil removal efficiency in compact oil-water separators. Ask us how
HD Q-PAC® will work wonders for you!



Physical Characteristics

Material: Polypropylene
Specific Surface Area: 132 ft2/ft3
(effective biomass up to 300 ft2/ft3)
Drip Points: 75,000/ft3
Bulk Density: 7.5 lb/ft3
Void Fraction: 87.8 %
Smallest Grid Opening:
0.16″´ 0.16″
Standard Module Size: 12″´ 12″´ 12″


Case Studies

Zero oil discharge from HD Q-PAC filled OWS 
Unit handling >4000 ppm oil from 1900 gpm stormwater

HD Q-PAC® compared to lava rock in Cedar Rapids WWTP biotrickling filters
HD Q-PAC® proves to have 3x greater H2S destruction capacity, at a fraction of the pressure drop

Odor Complaints Eliminated at a Municipal Lift/Pump Station
Saco, Maine has no H2S odors with minimal costs
HD Q-PAC® eliminates plugging of oil-water separator at Superfund site air stripper
Significant Improvements and Savings Using HD Q-PAC® at Car Wash OWS
$15,000+ savings per year realized as a result of retrofit
Technical Paper on H2S Removal
HD Q-PAC® Improves Aquarium Life Support System
Trickling Biofilters for Hydrogen Sulfide Odor Control
Simple Biological Process Cuts Chemical Use



Performance Charts

Pressure Drop vs. Velocity
Pressure Drop vs. Gas Loading
EN-858 Test Method