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Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers

Heat Recovery Media for Oxidizers

RTOs destroy odors and VOCs while minimizing fuel consumption. The heart of an RTO is the heat recovery media, which determines oxidizer size, pressure drop, and thermal efficiency. Lantec has developed advanced media to improve heat recovery, lower pressure drop, and extend media life under fouling conditions. Lantec provides free design assistance and technical support, and offers quality and performance guarantees.

Lantec offers standard random media (saddles) and structured media (monolith), patented Multi-Layer MediaR, silica-resistant MLM-SRR, and Segmented HoneycombTM.  Contact Lantec to discuss your process and what these products can do for it.

MLM Case Studies 

LanteComb performance data

multi-layer media
Multi-Layer MediaR 

Heat recovery media for RTOs

Honeycomb ceramic media for RTOs

ceramic saddles
Ceramic Saddles