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Tower Packings for Air Strippers and Degasifiers:

Lantec has perfected a line of innovative tower packings for air strippers and degasifiers. Conventional packings (round and cylindrical) are often specified for air strippers, but Lantec tower packings defy convention! Using LANPAC-XL®instead of conventional packings can increase tower capacity while lowering capital, operations, and maintenance costs.

LANPAC-XL®works by creating millions of droplets inside a tower, greatly increasing mass transfer activity in these airborn droplets. Mass transfer activity in conventional strippers occur on the surface of the packings; as such they are built larger and with larger pressure drop than towers built with LANPAC-XL®. In fact, LANPAC-XL® makes air stripping in a tower possible where conventional packings simply fail.

Forward thinking system manufacturers have embraced LANPAC-XL® as their packing of choice for their air strippers. By using LANPAC-XL® and relying on Lantec’s technical expertise for various treatment objectives in stripping and degasification, these forward thinking scrubber manufacturers have excelled.

Case Studies

Q-PAC in air stripping

LANPAC resistance to plugging demonstrated in a field test to remove iron from potable water
LANPAC in groundwater stripping