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LANPAC-XL® patented, advanced packing for:

  • Air Strippers and Degasifiers
  • High Efficiency Air Strippers
  • Biological Treatment Systems

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NSF Certified

For direct contact with drinking water.

LANPAC-XL® Benefits:

· Advanced design increases gas/liquid contact surface
· Reduces capital costs for new towers
· Maximizes efficiency in shorter towers
· Reduces pressure drop through existing towers
· Allows for smaller, less expensive blowers
· Flow-through structure resists fouling
· Cuts maintenance costs and down time
· Reduces fan power consumption

LANPAC-XL Characteristics

Dimensions 3.25″ x 3.75″ 83 x 95mm
Effective surface area 74 ft2/ft3 242 m2/m3
Piece count 33 /ft3 1165/m3
Void fraction 95% 95%
Weight (polypropylene) 2.8 lb/ft3 45 kg/m3
Weight (PVDF) 5.5 lb/ft3 88 kg/m3
Packing factor 10/ft 33/m
Drip points 22,000/ft3 776,600/m3



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Lantec is the global leader in wet scrubbing and air stripping technology and has made countless technological advances for these applications.

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