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NUPAC: Patented High Surface Area Media

With considerably more surface area per cubic foot than any other random packing of equivalent size, NUPAC® is ideal for mass/ heat transfer applications that require the absolute highest quality engineered surface. NUPAC® allows for the lushest and most uniform biological growth possible on a plastic media.

NUPAC brochure in pdf format


NUPAC #4 ®

NUPAC #2 ®



-Very high transfer rate -Very high surface area
-Good pressure drop -No extended surfaces
-Uniform surface density  



NUPAC® Case Studies


NUPAC® in biological application  
NUPAC® in chlorine stripping NUPAC #2® Pressure Drop

NUPAC® Specifications

Nominal Size 2.5 in 4.5 in
Void Fraction 90.9% 94.2%
Geometric Surface Area 55 ft2/ft3 40 ft2/ft3
Weight – polypropylene 5.1 lbs/ft3 3.1 lbs/ft3
Number of Pieces 125 /ft3 22 /ft3
Packing Factor 16 /ft 8 /ft