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MicroNOx Flameless Burner Technology- The safest, cleanest, most energy efficient, least expensive NOx eliminating burner in the world!

Experiencing damage to your equipment or heat exchangers due to unpredictable flame lengths?
Are NOx emissions regulations giving you a headache?
Unstable combustion?
Concerned about worker health and safety?
What if you could eliminate the root cause of all these problems?

MicroNOx combustion
MicroNOx Flameless combustion technology is an inherently superior form of combustion that solves
the problems of traditional flame-based combustion. MicroNOx is:

  • Cleaner
  • Safer
  • Stabler
  • More cost-effective
  • Suitable for domestic, commercial, and industrial applications
The secret to cleaner, safer, more economical combustion
The root cause to all of these problems is the burner flame itself. Existing burner technologies manipulate or modify the combustion flame to try to minimize these adversarial effects. But based on our long experience with direct fuel-injected RTO’s that combust cleanly with zero NOx emissions, we discovered a simple and elegant way to achieve flameless combustion. After years of research, we have can now apply our patented flameless combustion technology to a wide range of applications- from domestic products to multi-million BTU industrial burners.
(US Patent # 9562683, worldwide patents pending)


MicroNOx offers a short, flameless combustion that avoids flame impingement of nearby surfaces, extending the lifetime of your equipment and significantly reducing fire risk. MicroNOx’s low NOx and CO also provide healthier work environments in direct-fired occupied areas.


MicroNOx features a much wider window of operation than traditional burners, and is more resistant to upsets in gas flow. Since there is no long, trailing flame MicroNOx is also unaffected by changes in downstream conditions (temperature, cross flow, etc.)
NOx is both a pollutant and indirect greenhouse gas (by producing ozone in the atmosphere.) MicroNOx is only burner capable of zero or undetectable NOx emissions, and provides robust and stable combustion even at zero NOx levels.

Most burners have divergent curves for NOx and CO, requiring you to compromise between NOx and CO levels. With MicroNOx, NOx and CO emission levels go hand in hand so you can select based on your emissions targets. Single-digit or zero NOx and CO can be achieved well within the normal, stable operating range of our burner.


MicroNOx is a very elegant combustion technology requiring no moving parts or expensive materials. Burners equipped with MicroNOx technology are able to provide all of these benefits with little or no increase in parts costs.


MicroNOx is suitable across a wide range of applications, from small domestic products to large industrial applications:

  • Residential forced air furnaces and gas dryers
  • Space heaters, direct and indirect
  • Radiant tube heaters
  • Hot water heaters
  • Kilns and ovens
  • Kilns and ovens
  • Commercial kitchen ovens and fryers
  • Metal Treating
  • Line burners
  • OvenPak burners
  • Tubular immersion heaters
  • And more…
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MicroNOx is the future of combustion- today!

Lantec MicroNOx combustion technology will increase the safety and longevity of your combustion applications, allow you to meet current and future emissions regulations, and achieve the lowest cost floor possible.

Lantec can work with you to explore the potential benefits of MicroNOx and how it can be integrated into your products and applications, and offers flexible options for licensing and/or component manufacturing.

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