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Thermal Management

Lantec – A Leader in Thermal Management

Over the decades, Lantec has developed expertise in thermal management/thermal technologies. Thermal management plays a crucial role in many green technologies such as pollution control, LED lighting, computing and solar energy generation.

Lantec’s first success in thermal management was to develop and commercialize innovative VOC pollution control heat recovery media used in regenerative thermal oxidizers. Subsequently, RTOs were built smaller and with greater effectiveness. Lantec has developed a strong global reputation in RTO media technology.

More recently, Lantec has developed innovative thermal management technology for heat sinks used with microprocessors and LED lights.

Thermal management is a core component of the microprocessor revolution, as increasingly powerful and denser microchips generate more heat and require more thermal management for proper operation. Effective thermal management is also a limiting factor in the development of LED lighting, as greater heat dissipation needs to occur in smaller spaces at lower costs.

In keeping with its early successes in thermal management, Lantec pushes forward with products, and through a growing number of partnerships in a growing number of applications, Lantec looks forward to taking a leadership role in industries which will benefit from innovative heat transfer and heat dissipation technology.