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Lantec manufactures proprietary packings for air and liquid treatment systems (mass transfer), heat recovery media for VOC pollution control in RTOs, and other process equipment. For over 30 years, Lantec has developed four generations of plastic packings and three generations of ceramic heat transfer media.

Lantec line of innovations

Leveraging over 30 years of mass transfer applications experience, Lantec has helped system manufacturers and end users meet treatment objectives in scenarios:

  1. Maintaining high system performance even with increases in capacity, a challenge that systems incorporating cheap packings often fail to do.
  2. Minimizing overall cost of the mass transfer system.

OEMs of air/water treatment systems find a lifelong partner in Lantec. Many Lantec customers have evolved into the world’s best system suppliers in their respective domains, something Lantec is highly proud of.

Lantec offers courtesy packed bed designs. Contact Lantec’s technical department to discuss your treatment objectives!



At its testing facility in Baldwin Park (shown here), Lantec continually refines its products and measures performance to offer optimal performance in the numerous applications in pollution, odor, and emissions control. Existing scrubbers which switch to Q-PAC will subsequently be able to operate at higher velocities and achieve even higher removal efficiencies.


Existing RTOs which switch to MLM-200 as the primary media instead of saddles will experience dramatically lower pressure drop and reduced plugging. Lantec’s high performance media will save money on operations and maintenance. Also, Lantec’s media cost less to begin with.







Lantec sacrifices nothing to assure that OEMs and retrofitters succeed at their projects which involve packed towers. Heralded for its fast response times to order and performance related matters, Lantec wants to make sure your project succeeds.

Lantec offers a free design service, tailored to the goals and parameters of the process of your (or your customer’s) facility. This service is available to end-users, OEMs, and retrofitters. As your specific process is probably unique, Lantec invites you to rely on its experience and knowledge base to prescribe the appropriate type and quantity of packing media.

Through the combination of outstanding performance and service, Lantec has grown into the market leader in development of packing technologies.